Stay hydrated in summer full of hot and sweetness forces you to stay hydrated. Not only summer but every season forces’ you to stay hydrated for good health and glowing skin.

As it is scientifically proven that our body has 60% water mixed in blood. So it is necessary for us to stay hydrated specially in the summers, where body requires more level of water.
So here are we to present you some tips to stay hydrated specially in summers:

Eat your vegetable

Yes eating vegetable highly rich in water and vitamins because it will give you high water consumption and energy. Vegetable will also keep you healthy and will give you shiny skin. You can have vegetables likes Tomato, cucumber and many more vegetables which are rich in minerals.

Take advantage of summer fruits

Yes this is one of the best options to stay hydrated in summer. You can enjoy summer fruits like watermelon, mango, grapes and many more fruit’s. Accordingly, we all know fruits are Highly rich in minerals and water quantity. You can hydrate yourself by them and also help you body to stay healthy and glowing.

Ice coffee

You must avoid hot coffee in summer because it is naturally hot. You must start yourself with new schedule of ice coffee. This will help your body to stay cool. And will also decrease the inner body heat which will make you feel less dehydrated.

Avoid alcohol

The biggest reason of high heat in body is alcohol as it is naturally hot. So all you need to do is to avoid alcohol in summer because that will help your body to control heat. In replace of alcohol you can have fruit juices which help you body to stay hydrated. This is necessary to stay hydrated because summer heat and high temperature can also lead you to sun stroke and many more consequences of death.

Have cold soups
Yes for summer you should totally avoid having hot things and soup is one of them. Try to have cool soup which will not produce high heat and make you body cool.

High water consumption

The most important thing that one should always do is to have at least good quantity of water consumption level. Body need more water than food so, for maintaining that you should start to have water and stay hydrated so that it could protect you from summer diseases.

Day with oats meal

Yes you can have oats as because oats are rich in vitamins and healthy for human digestion. You can start to have oats to keep yourself healthy and light all day. Oats will help you to gain health and will make your digestion highly improved.

Coconut water

The best remedy to stay hydrated is to have coconut water. This will help your body to stay hydrated and will also keep your body temperature at low level. It will also help you to have shinny and glowing skin. And make your body fit, healthy and shinning.

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