Personality traits are the characteristics of different personalities that are used to know the personality and characteristics of a person. Personality traits tells about the nature of a person; attitude of a person; Behavior of a person; Openness of a person; kindness of a person; social nature of a person; affability of a person and many more.

All these constituents describe the personality traits of a person. We are now going to discuss about the personality traits based on zodiac. It contains twelve constellations and hence twelve divisions called signs of the zodiac. Now it’s high time to discuss Personality traits based on zodiac sign.


The symbol of Aries is fire and they are ruled by Mars, also called the red planet. They are very positive in nature, or we can say, they search positively in each and everything. They are very much goal-oriented and they are very energetic and are very devoted to work. These people are mostly into sports and field that contains of physical strength and endurance. Because they are very positive and goal-oriented too, they also live the life up to the fullest. They are really determined in achieving there target and also put there best foot forward in achieving these goals. They are highly motivated be their own.

In a nutshell, Aries are highly ambitious; motivated; extremely positive and live there life up to the fullest.


*Taurus* is represented by the sign of earth and the symbol of Taurus is Bull. So they love water, they love being in a water tub for hours .As per there symbol, they are fearless and they love green environment very much .They love the soothing smell of the environment. They are luckier in terms of money and they earn money in a huge amount. They too are goal oriented.


Gemini symbolizes twins and as per there symbol they have mostly two faces. They are more than what they talk and what they are from outside. They are very creative in nature and hence very innovative. They are multitasking and thus do more than two tasks at a time. In a nutshell, they are having two faces according to their symbol. They are highly creative and innovative in their work.


The symbol is a crab of the seashore and they belong to the moon as there sign. They are highly self-based and they really love their own a lot. They love a comfortable and safe place. As per there symbol, they really adjust in every environment as per crab, may it be emotional or any other. They love their family the most, and they put energy on other ones too. In a nutshell, cancer represents various personality traits such as, they love their family, they love themselves and spend lots of time with their own. They also love a comfortable life.


They symbolize the Lion as their symbol. As per there symbol like a lion is the king of the jungle, in there real life they are similarly acting like kings. Their anger is very powerful as that of a lion. They are fearless and known for there bravely. They are very brave and hence can face any of the circumstances bravely. They are very determined. They also leads luxurious life mostly as per there symbol. They are very loyal in their relationships and they are also known for their friendship goals. They are highly energetic and highly powerful. Fire is there sign and they are ruled by the sun.

In a nutshell, Leo is one of the most powerful zodiac sign because the lion is there symbol and they represents various personality traits such as Bravery; Powerful; Ambitious; Motivated; Loyal; Loose tempered and thus all these personality traits constitutes them to the most powerful zodiac sign.


Earth sign is represented by Virgo, and they symbol also symbolizes the goddess of earth, as per there symbol they are deep-rooted and hence very genuine and they are having a positive approach towards everything. They are very positive in nature and thus they are having a practical approach towards everything, they are very logical. They do there work in a systematic manner. In a nutshell, they are deeply rooted and love to do work in a systematic manner.


Air is the sign and as per there symbol, they want to set equilibrium in each and every aspect of life. They also lay emphasis on coordination and harmony in everything. In a nutshell, they are highly in favour of equality. They are against inequalities. They also fight for equilibrium and they are calm in nature and at the same time, they are very generous.


This is the misunderstood sign because they belongs to water not fire but most of the people think that they belong to fire instead of the truth that they belong to water. They are very powerful in terms of strength.


They belong to the water sign and they are ruled by Jupiter. They are having high sense of humor and they are very good storytellers. They are having best imagination skills and hence they are known for there storytelling. They are very creative and innovation in there imagination and hence they are the good writers. They attract everyone with great sense of humour. Sagittarius love to explore. They love travelling. In a nutshell, Sagittarius are having good imagination skills, they are creative in there imagination they love to travel throughout the world.


Capricorn is the last earth sign. Their symbol represents most of there personality traits because their upper body is of goat and the lower tail is of wish so consequently they can adjust in every environment such as in any of the adverse emotional environment and many other.


Its one of the most confusing zodiac sign because irrespective of there name; they belongs to earth as there sign and they are really soft-hearted people and highly positive in nature. They are very familiar with everyone and highly goal-oriented.


They belong to water as there sign and the symbol for them is two fishes swimming in opposite direction. According to there symbol, they go through pain as well as joy. Their life is based on a dual concept of sorrows and Happiness.