Meditation is a practice where an individual sets his mind focussing on a particular object, thought, or activity or uses a technique of mindfulness. This is done to train the mind to attain attention and awareness and achieve a mentally clear and stable mind.

Mindfulness is nothing but focussing on your breathing. Focussing on the flow of in and out of one’s breath.

So, why do meditation? meditation, if done, has long-lasting benefits. One of them is,  it reduces stress levels of an individual and as a person of this time, we know that we get to do a lot in a 24 hr long day and if something goes wrong our stress levels increase to a different level. To control that here comes the rescue, meditation. Not only does meditation reduces stress levels, but it also improves focus, it makes us happier and kind, it helps in discovering one’s true self and reduce brain chatter.

If you want to achieve all the above-stated benefits start meditating. yes, it is not easy for beginners but we know practice makes a man perfect. So let us begin to start meditation today. Here are some of the points you need to know before starting to do meditation.

1. To start with, start doing a small meditation like doing for 2-3 minutes a day. you can either choose to do for 2 minutes or 3 minutes a day. then gradually increase by 2 or minutes per day.

2. It is always good to set time aside for mediation. mornings are more preferable as some people remind themselves of doing it after brushing their teeth and some after drinking tea whichever is good. If you are a busy person and you could not make it, then choose anytime you want.

3. Don’t worry about the place to sit, how to sit? whether to sit on a chair or cushion?. Initially as a beginner sit wherever you want. you can sit on the ground with a cross-legged position with straight erect posture or on your bed or simply sit on a chair with upright posture and lay your hands on your lap. With the increase in the timing of your mediation, you can sit at the place where you feel comfortable and quiet.

While coming to where to sit? it is disbelief among starters that a place of the meditation should have a pin drop silence. actually, speaking it is not at all possible to have such silence. The noises, disturbances are quite common and meditation is not doing the practice in silence instead,  making your mind or space calmer and feel silent within oneself. it may be frustrating, allow those sounds to come in and go out. With practice, you will get to meditate anywhere you want to.

4.While for the first day there is no need to take the burden on thinking on how to breathe and how long to breathe? I recommend to take breaths naturally like, let the breaths be natural but try to do counting say from one to ten. If you are inhaling count as one and similarly thereon count up to 10 breaths and repeat for say as a starter for 2 or 3 minutes.

5. If your mind wanders frequently don’t get frustrated it is quite normal for anyone. Our brain is always full of thoughts and is a complete wanderer. We need to do meditation with all this. just by doing practice, one can improve. Treat the thoughts as friends and not as enemies or intruders as they are just a part of you.

6. It is the first day so it might be possible for you to sleep. Because meditation makes us comfortable and you may become sleepy. to avoid going to sleep always make sure to sit in the upright posture and not in a relaxed posture, try doing meditation when you are in a bright mood and it is also better to open a window and let fresh air into your room.

7. As a starter or beginner start focussing on breaths and slowly say after a week you can start focussing on at a point or watch light or concentrate on the sound. It gives you a different experience.

Another thing you could do after you have got some experience in meditating. You can focus on your body parts like, focus on your stomach, hands, foot, etc. Get to know the feeling of each part.

8. This practice also helps in getting to know oneself. It will help in understanding yourself. What are you? Who are you? don’t get frustrated or angry by knowing yourself. Have a friendly feeling towards yourself. Travel with yourself. Develop a kind behavior and friendly one with you and your surroundings.

9. If you think you cant develop the habit of doing meditation every day by yourself. So then, form a group search is online for a meditation group and together do meditation or else do the meditation with your family members like your father, mother, brother, sister, or anyone from your family.

10. The very important thing to note is if you are starting to begin meditation, know your motivation to begin, is it because of having a clear mind? or is it to relieve stress or any other reason? and make sure to make it a habit of doing meditation regularly. And make your mind prepared for doing meditation regularly.

11. If at all you feel you need some assistance for doing meditation make sure to get some. There are many online and offline help available. do your research and get your required help.

The point to be noted after following all the tips to start meditation is that meditation cannot solve all your problems and there is no promise given that it can give you everlasting happiness. Life will always be what it is which is meant to be. One can never avoid all the problems or tensions life gives. But by meditation one can get openness, calmness which is enough I think to remain cool in any situation. Meditation also makes you kind and think of others kind as well. It will also improve your positive thinking capabilities.


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