Our skin is the most appealing one among other body parts. Many people judge others with their appearance. In fact, appearance plays a major role in job offers too. And people wish to be beautiful and prettier than others. But it is merely possible, because our skin will be damaged once we go out of our home due to polluted environment. And we spend almost half of our time for making up our skin.

Few people go to spa and parlours and spend lots of money and time on it to beautify themselves. And some will go for laser treatments and other medical treatments to beautify themselves permanently. But it won’t be everlasting. At the end, all we get is disappointments and we go for many times to maintain our skin which costs almost all our earnings and energies. But we can prevent all this problems in one solution by staying in our home itself.

Here is a tip on how to get rid of uneven skin texture for smooth glowing skin from Rabia Skin Care. Skin texture is really essential. But dead skin cells and over sized pores make our skin odd and uneven. This tip will help you to make your skin even and will give you glowing skin with good skin texture.

Key Ingredients & Their Venefits


Yogurt is used to moisture our skin and to rejuvenate it. It helps to treat dry patches, blemishes, tan, pigmentations and acne. Lactic acid in yogurt plays a role of chemical exfoliator. It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the face. Yogurt plays major role in treating skin infections and helps to soothe sunburns. It further helps to brighten the skin by giving radiance to the skin and by hydrating the skin. It helps to reduce dark circles and will provide you healthy and clear skin.

Coffee powder:

Coffee powder is used as a skin brightener and face scrubber. It helps to increase the blood circulation and the antioxidant properties help to reduce puffiness in the eyes. It is used as the scalp exfoliator and anti-cellulite body scrub. It helps to give fine skin texture and will energise the skin.


Lemon is always used to heal acne, dark spots, blemishes and black heads. It helps to brighten the skin tone and prevent excess of oil from the skin. It lightens the dark spots after several uses and will give a clear skin. Vitamin C in lemon provides necessary nutrients to the skin and helps to remove dirt from the skin pores.


Sugar can be used as a scrub and helps in softening the skin. The sugar helps to remove the dead skin cells and dirt. It also treats the clogged pores and provides clear skin to the users.
Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar:
Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar helps to remove age spots and treats wrinkles and sunburns. It prevents acne and pimples and will soothe the skin. It helps as a natural toner and helps to exfoliate the skin.

Badham Shirin or Almond oil:

Almond oil helps to reduce stretched marks and scars. It helps to improve the skin complexion and tones the skin finely. It treats acne, sun damage, scars, dry skin, dark circles and puffiness of the eyes. Almond oil is highly beneficial for the skin and will give you a clear and even skin.

Tips to Get Rid of Uneven Skin Texture for Smooth Glowing Skin:

There are three steps that need to be followed to get rid of uneven skin texture for smooth glowing skin. And the steps are as follows.

Step 1- Exfoliation

First step to do to get smooth glowing skin is physical and chemical exfoliation. To do this step, take 2 spoons of thick yogurt, 1 spoon of coffee powder and 1 spoon of lemon drops or lemon juice and mix these three ingredients well into a paste. After washing your face, apply this paste like face mask. Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes. Take a bowl of sugar in a jar and grind it well for 3 seconds. Use the powdered sugar to rub the skin above the face mask for 8 to 20 minutes gently like a scrubber. Here yogurt is used for chemical exfoliation and sugar for physical exfoliation. And then wash your face.

Benefits of step-1:

By doing the process of exfoliation, the dead skin cells will be removed. And will helps to remove your black heads and tan from your skin. It will brighten by your skin by removing the dirt from the pores of the skin.

Step 2- Toning:

For toning process, take 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar in a bowl and add some water in it. Mix both the ingredients well. Dip a cotton ball in the solution and apply it well on your face. Let it dry on your face. Check whether you are allergic to any vinegar before going through this process of toning.

Benefits of step-2:

In this process, vinegar is used as chemical exfoliator that can remove the dead skin cells from the skin. It helps to reduce the pores and helps to manufacture new cells from the skin.

Step 3- Sealing:

The sealing process is also called as the process of moisturizing. After the applied vinegar solution on your face is dried, take 2 to 3 drops of almond oil in your hand and rub it well. And as soon as you finish rubbing the oil on your palms, keep the palms on your face with same pace. But you should not rub your face with your palms.

Benefits of step-3:

The process of sealing is to reduce the irritation in the skin and make it hydrated. It also helps to form the protective layer on the skin and will give radiance to the skin. It further will help to even your skin tone and increase the skin texture.

This process will help you to get rid of all your skin problems and will give you glowing skin after several uses. You have to continue this process for 6 to 7 days for better results. This tip will really help you and will save your time, money and energy. The ingredients used to pursue this process are cost efficient and easily affordable. Try this tip immediately to get even and glowing skin within a week.