Why is it necessary to bathe a newborn baby

The baby’s immune system is very weak. At the same time, the skin of the baby is very sensitive at birth, and the body has no antibodies to help reduce the bacteria that may accumulate on the baby’s skin. This causes the baby to wash its skin away from bacteria and other microbes. Bathing not only cleans the skin of the newborn but also opens up its pores, making it easier to remove the toxins of the body through sweat.

Everyone is happy to see newborn baby but it’s not easy to take care of baby because they are very sensitive. Every new parent is having question how to bath a new born baby because it take practice to bath a new born baby. So time to time it’s easier to bath a new born baby. Firstly in between 10 day and three weeks after birth parents avoid to bath a new born baby and they gently massage all over the body of baby and parents keep the nappy area cleaned and wash their hands with wet tissues.

How To Bath A New Born Baby

For bathing new born baby what things are required-

  1. To wipe the baby, a clean cloth or sponge
  2. A soft towel
  3. A mild bathing soap
  4. New diaper
  5. Cotton to wipe off the ears and eyes of the child
  6. Warm water for baby’s bath
  7. Baby oil and moisturizer.
  8. Baby powder

You will now want to know how to bathe the new born? So there are some tips to consider how to bath a new born baby

  • For a new born baby, we use soft, flat surface or clean towel.
  • Keep our baby bath in warm water and gently wash it.
  • Use mild products like Johnson and Himalaya for specially the new born babies.
  • Mild products which the parents using keep away from the eyes, ears, nose and safely bathed.
  • Sensitive parts which are dry out through the towel gently.

There are other tips which we used for new born baby bathing. Babies like to bath in baby bath tub where they playing with water in tub. It is the way to easy bathing or using large towel or soft sponge or using cotton balls which cannot harm the baby’s skin or use baby brush, comb. We must aware how to handle our baby when we bath them or how we keep our baby like we have to hold their head and back as we bath them. Head is very sensitive part of new born baby. The face, if dirt has between in the eyes or behind the ears, we use cotton balls to clean it well.

Newborn hair care is must important as compare to their all over the body and not every baby is blessed with full of hair in their head so we apply mild shampoo and gently massage it with warm water. Clean the hair well doesn’t have to stay in soapy water. Or after wash the hairs, then use oil in their head and gently massage it will help the growth of hair and their head is become strong.

We don’t need to bath the new born baby every day, but always wash their face, neck, hands carefully every day. We dip the cotton balls in the warm water and we make sure that it’s not too much wet and wipe gently around our baby’s eyes, behind the ear, neck, hands and nappy areas which we cleaned well. Using pamper baby wipes are milder than washcloth and water. We timely change the wipes or don’t use the same one. We must follow the safety precautions for baby care.

We can bath our baby any time of the day. It’s a good idea to take that time when we’re relaxed and no one is interrupted us. And it’s best to avoid bathing our baby when they are hungry our they get just feeding. If our baby likes to bath, it seems to relax them, we can use bath first and then help them sleep in the day time.

Baby’s skin is more sensitive than ours. As when we bath our baby, bath water that feels comfortable to us will be too hot for them. Firstly we testify the water is well for them and use in our wrist or our elbow then we applies on the baby body. Baby also gets comfortable with that water. Every baby cries on their thrice bath but we don’t worry about that and we should be relaxed to them that this easy going process and familiar to our babies. We also sing for our baby not to cry more or relax them that soothe their body well and care about is they are comfortable with us and that’s how they will soon love to bath.

Check the room temperature before sponge bath is given to the baby. The room temperature is neither too cold nor too hot during the sponge bath.

Traditional bath –

Traditional bath are still prevalent in many parts of India. Under it, the mother licks the newborn on her feet. The baby is well massaged before showering.

Keeps these thing in mind while bathing baby-

  • When you bathe your baby in the tub, make sure it isn’t sharp or broken.
  • Place the tub on a flat surface, so you don’t be afraid of accidents when you bath.
  • Take a mat to prevent slippery.
  • If someone’s call comes while bathing to the child, take the baby in a towel and bring the baby with you. Don’t leave him or her alone in bathroom.

Bathing a new born is a special moment for every parents. Caressing your baby’s tiny hands and feet with love, you have a feeling of affection. it is not easy to bathe new born. some babies enjoy bathing, but bathing some babies is no less than a challenge. If you feel uncomfortable bathing to the new bon then talk to your doctor once.

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