One of the most humble, and down to earth person is Prabhas. Born into a film family, Prabhas is the son of film producer, late U.S.N Raju, and the nephew of Krishnam Raju. He has been that shy, calm guy all his life, for which he has kept his personal life, private.

Initially, he didn’t have any interest in becoming an actor. It was once, that he saw his uncle’s one of the films, and he could relate to the character. And that’s when he decided to become an actor.

His first film was low budgeted one produced by his friends. Though it wasn’t successful at the box office, Prabhas got recognition, and was offered with ‘Varsham’. He then later met director Rajamouli, and did ‘Chhatrapati’.

His later films turned out to be flops till he did ‘Billa’ with Anushka Shetty. Their chemistry was widely appreciated, and it is often rumoured that both of them are dating. However, Prabhas has denied that they are in a relationship.

It was in 2013, that Prabhas had been conferred with biggest film of India, ‘Bahubali: The beginning’. He invested five years for the character’s physique, performance and everything. It made him a sprawling superstar worldwide, giving him recognition from all over places.

A man with warmest heart, he has been seen shy in front of the media. He has the most humble and selfless soul in the industry. And he credits his father for this, as he was the one to taught him to stay humble for the stardom. It is something that takes a lot of time to achieve, and very less to lose.

After his demise in 2010, Prabhas had already become a successful actor. Though even today, he is saddened with his absence in his most successful work, ‘Bahubali’.

Even with such immense popularity, in his total career he has done only one commercial. Prabhas’ calm demeanor, and his hardwork has brought him to such stature. He is one example of a true star.

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