We all know that in today’s world everyone is suffering from the same hair fall and hair related problems so this is the right time to cure the hair in this quarantine because in this duration there will be no pollution around you. This quarantine can make your hair’s healthy, shiny & silky. This unhealthy hair can be cured easily at home there are some remedies which can make your hair’s health.

There are something’s which we hardly notice and hairs are one of them. We never take care of our hairs which causes many problems, some of them are split ends, dead hairs, dandruff and white hairs. These are the major reason for hair fall. There is a reason why this all happen. I am going to tell you the reasons and the remedies in this article.

Shine with Tea

Tea is one of the homemade remedies for healthy and shiny hairs like it is necessary for tea addictive to drink tea in the morning. In the same way, black tea is very helpful for shiny hairs. The process to apply it is very easy.

Way to Use

  • Prepare black tea then make it cool
  • Apply on the head for 10 minutes and then wash it and enjoy with your shiny hairs.

This will make your hair shiny and smooth. This remedy will help you to repair broken and unhealthy hairs. You can do these 2 – 3times in a week to make your hairs healthy.

Oiling massage therapy

This is a major therapy for healthy hairs to nourish them with oiling and massage them in regular interval of time which can help your damaged hairs to get healthy. Oiling not only makes your hairs healthy it also helps in to renourish and re-juices the shine of the hairs that is lost nowadays due to heavy pollution rate. You can oil your hairs overnight and wash them in the morning. You can do this twice in a week.

Moisture with Butter

As we know butter is very rich in nourishing and moisturizing so this will be very helpful you to nourish your hairs and make them shiny silky and healthy. Butter will help your hairs to get the old smoothness and shine which we have earlier.

Way to Use

  • Take a spoonful of butter which should be at room temperature.
  • Apply it on your hair scalp and wear a shower cap so that the butter would not flow out and then wash it after few minutes.

Hair with Bananas

As we all know banana is a complete package of protein. It contains a high amount of potassium which not only helps the body but will also help your dry hairs to get back the real smoothness and softness that you feel is quite lost nowadays. It is very easy for us to apply nicely and get the nourishment and healthiness back in life.

Way to Use

  • Mix to bananas with well with a cup full of coconut oil
  • Apply on your hairs
  • Then wash it well with the shampoo after 30 minutes

Transform hairs with Egg

The raw egg is one of the best thing that you can do for your hairs. Raw egg is the best solution for any hair problem. This can transform your damaged hair and will help your hair to remove the dryness to bring the shine back

Way to Use

  • Take 2 eggs and mix well
  • Apply on the hairs for few minutes.

Apply it twice in a week and shampoo it well but don’t use conditioners.

Hair moisturizer with dairy

So you all know that today’s pollution causes hair at the very harsh stage which has damaged the hair and made them the rough life a broom don’t there is a solution for such hairs you can use dairy products like milk cream and curd that will produce the lactic acid milk will moisturize the hair and lactic acid will clear the pollution layer and will make your hairs back to their own life said by Lisa Belkin, author of The Cosmetics Cookbook.
Way to use: Massage 1/2 cup sour cream or plain yoghurt into damp hair and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water, followed by cool water. Now do shampoo your hair as you normally would. Treatment can be applied every other week.

Get back the bounce with beer

Beers the best option to get the healthy hair back in your life because beer contains a large amount of B vitamin.
Way to use: Mix 1/2 cup flat beer with 1 tsp light oil (sunflower or canola) and a raw egg. Apply to clean hair, sit for 15 minutes, then wash with cool water. Or add flat beer only to a spray bottle and spritz into dry hair. This treatment can be applied every other week.

Cure sun-damaged hairs with honey

Hair de dehydrated by many reasons like hard water and direct sunlight and man more so honey is on of the best natural remedy which will make your hairs smooth and soft, honey can do this because it contains a high amount of moisturizing substance which overcomes the damages and will help to cure the best thing about honey is it is easy to apply and use and also suitable for all types of hair and will make them cure as soon as possible.

way to use: massage 1/2 cup honey nicely in the scalp you can also add some rich ingredients if your hairs are highly damaged you can use egg or aloe vera gel as the both are Highly rich in moisturizing the skin and will make it make your hairs at there perfect apply it for 30 minutes and wash it nicely it can be done ever week and this will protect your hairs from pollution and damages.

The cornmeal will remove the grease

Cornmeal is the best and cheapest remedy to remove the oil and grease from the hairs. Belkin says. Plus, cornmeal is a great source of iron, which helps generate the growth of hair cells.
Way to use: Pour 1 Tbsp cornmeal or cornstarch into an empty salt or pepper shaker and sprinkle dry on hair and scalp until used it all. After 10 minutes, use a  hairbrush to completely brush it out. This can be applied every other day.

Avocados’ is the best solution

Avocados are very rich in antioxidants and make the hair silky and shine and contain a high amount of vitamin A and E, this is especially good for the one who has curly hairs.
Way to use: mash a half an avocado and massage into clean hair. Apply for  15 minutes before rinsing with water. Apply up moisturizing power by combining mashed avocado with 1 to 2 Tbsp of an ingredients sour cream, egg yolks, or mayonnaise. Treatment can be applied every two weeks.

Fight winter dryness with lemon

Yes, the dryness we face in winters can be cured lemon juice and olive oil because it contains a large acid substance and will make it smoothing and will remove the dryness.
Way to use: Mix 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice, 2 Tbsp olive oil, and 2 Tbsp water, and massage into scalp. Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes, then shampoo hair. It can be applied every other week.

Aloe vera gel re-nourish the shine

The aloe vera gel will make your hairs more shiny and glossy it contains a high amount of moisturizing solutions which will make your hair more shiny and glossy.

Way to use: bring allover gel and mix it in hands and apply it on hair scalp for 30 minutes and then wash it well with shampoo this treatment will bring all the shine of your hairs.

These some of the remedies are going to help you in this quarantine to make your hair healthy and only in quarantine in normal days also they will make you hairs healthy and strong.

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