Poha, a most common Indian breakfast recipe, and almost loved by all. Available at every nooks and corner of the street, Poha is famous not only for the taste but for also the ease of making it.

Basically, Poha is a Maharashtrian dish and is flattened rice, which doesn’t need hours of cooking. The green veggies with the species put in it for giving it a spicy taste and aromatic flavor is a great replacement for the junk foods that you always crave for. Not only in the morning, but it can also be eaten in the evening as well with a hot cup of ginger tea. Served with green chutney and sprinkled with chopped coriander leaves and some lemon juice makes it simply delicious. Though It can be eaten any time of the year, the peas in poha will give you a real taste and you will get it in winters.

For the weight watchers, this dish is also for you, as it can be made in less oil and loads of veggies in it. A great tiffin material to pack it up and keep yourself full for a long time. Poha is high in carb and fiber and low in calories and a great source for boosting the energy level and to stay charged in the morning because of the presence of good carbohydrates in it.

The dishes made in Maharashtrian cuisine are very delectable and delicious, and Poha is one of them.
Here, I have used two basic ingredients Potatoes and Peas. So, make poha for your breakfast today and give a surprise to your family! Enjoy.